Knowledge Base

This framework is a collaborative effort and will evolve to meet the various needs of practitioners in the field.

If you have resources to share with our community, please let us know!

How do I submit a question or add to this framework?

  • 1MILLIONHOME values radical collaboration and if you would like to submit content to be potentially added to the CARE Transition Framework, you may contact our team at hello@1millionhome.com or submit by clicking the “Share” Button
  • Please provide the content with its corresponding FAQ and cite your source material. All submissions will be considered, but not all will be approved.

This framework aims to equip those on the front lines of child welfare and protection.

  • The CARE Transition Framework addresses frequently asked questions that child welfare practitioners have in their transition to family care journey.
  • The information presented on this website is derived from top level research and guides from leading organizations in addition to on the ground insight from the 1MILLIONHOME Community of Practice.
  • We recognize and commend the integral advocacy efforts at the INGO and governmental level. This framework, however, is concerned with ground level, bottom-up practice and seeks to equip those on the front lines of child welfare and protection.