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How do I facilitate a family group discussion?

How do I facilitate a family group discussion?

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  • Caseworker, Case managers, family and extended family, neighbours/friends, community leaders, service providers, government officials, family group case conferencing team.

Family Group Discussion (FGD)

  • Family Group Discussion (FGDs) can be a useful tool for the family to make important decisions around the care of the child and ensure full family participation and ownership of the reintegration process.
  • FGDs involve bringing together family members (and sometimes others of influence who are invited by the family) to make sustainable plans for how children can be brought into the family’s care (these plans are then included in the Case plan) and receive ongoing protection.
  • Sessions are planned in advance and can be coordinated by the caseworker (who supports with information as needed) but final decisions will be determined by participants, to instil a sense of ownership over the reintegration process. Where families feel they are fully in ‘the driver’s seat’ regarding planning for the child, they are more likely to remain invested in ensuring the plans are carried forward, and that the needs of the child are met.
  • Once it seems clear that the family identified is willing and able to provide for the child’s care and protection, a case conference between at least the caseworker and case manager should take place.
  • The conference should include review of any questions or risks that have been raised and generation of initial ideas for how the child and family will be supported within the current pandemic period.