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What do I do if none of my staff, or not enough of my staff are social workers?

What do I do if none of my staff, or not enough of my staff are social workers?

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  • While attaining a social work degree is important in working in child welfare, many organizations rely on para-social workers or other service staff that provide value for the children they serve.
  • If you are short on social work staff for your organization, determine those quality staff that can step into the role of a para-social worker and be trained up in skills to meet the growing needs of your programs.
  • Find ways to assess the capacity of your current staff and determine if their skill sets align with new demands of the new programs and services your organization will be providing.

  • Use the CARE Transition Framework and all the various resources linked throughout the site to train your staff and reach out to 1MILLIONHOME if you need additional help..


  • Child and family monitoring schedule
  • Building trusting relationships with children and parents or caretakers 
  • Writing case notes for individual children and families and using the information to help inform case plans
  • Reporting to case managers or supervisors on any significant changes taking place in the child or caretaker’s life
  • Follow the academic performance of a child attending school
  • Ability to respond with empathy and understanding to children with behavioral challenges
  • Specific interventions that your program is providing