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What if there is evidence of abuse or neglect?

What if there is evidence of abuse or neglect?

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What if abuse has taken place?

  • Before placement, the child should be taught key words that they can communicate to your program over phone or text if there are concerns – especially abuse or neglect.
  • Identify community places that the child can go to receive help if they are in need of protection.
  • Establish mechanisms and protocols with your staff to determine the best way to protect children from abuse and neglect during this placement whether it will be temporary or permanent.  
  • If the child remains at risk of abuse within the home, remove the child in partnership with the government, and seek alternative placement.
  • Refer to your organization’s child protection policy for guidance and report the abuse to the proper authorities.
  • Failure of an organization to report and address child abuse is grossly negligent regardless of the overarching global crisis.